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    Greetings We are a company that imports and sells equipment for the construction industry to the Israeli market we looking for manufacturer that manufactures and supplies this product: PRESTRESSED CONCRETE 7-WIRE STRAND Details: PRESTRESSED CONCRETE 7-WIRE STRAND Relaxation: Low Relaxation Dia: 15.7mm Standard: ASTM-A-416 Grade: 270 Tensile strength: 1860 Mpa Lay direction: left black PC strand Material: original raw material Coil weight: about 2-3 tons We will ask to see original and current test certificates of the product Is the product available in your production line? Please send product certifications and company and contact details Best regards Sagiv ben sira

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    Hi Friend, Wish you a nice day! We recently published a new Market Report 2022 on Prestressed Concrete Steel Strand for You and Your Competitors. If you have further interest in this report or related reports, we would be happy to share the sample report for your reference. The following manufacturers are covered: 1. Insteel 2. Sumiden 3. Strand-tech Martin 4. Tata Iron and Steel 5. Siam Industrial Wire 6. Southern PC 7. Tycsa PSC 8. Kiswire 9. Usha Martin 10. Fapricela 11. Gulf Steel Strands 12. ASLAK 13. AL-FAISAL STEEL 14. Xinhua Metal 15. Tianjin Metallurgical 16. Hengli 17. Hengxing 18. Fasten 19. Huaxin 20. Hunan Xianghui 21. Silvery Dragon 22. Shengte 23. Longtai Rare Earth & New Materials 24. Fuxing Keji …… By Type Bare PC Strand Grease Filled PC Strand Wax Filled PC Strand Others By Application: Transport Building Energy Water Conservancy Others If you are interested in getting a sample or placing an order, please feel free to contact Ludy@qyresearch.com Ludy.li , Sales Manager-QYResearch E: ludy@qyresearch.com T:+86-13538761432 (Wechat) +86-2085206863 (CN) GLOBAL LEADING MARKET REPORT

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